Sunday, 31 July 2011

Listen Up Wedding Industry

This blog post is not related to my wedding but I have felt the need to have a little rant about a few problems with the wedding industry! I’m not writing this to annoy or upset anyone, and although I know a lot of Twitter folks agree, the views are my own.

To me there are three main types of wedding blogs. The big, worldwide known ones that make profit from advertising and have many many followers,  those blogs which simply share with others the bride to be journey, and those blogs that are a mixture of the two.  

In my view it’s only the first one’s that seem to cause offense. If I was a well known wedding blogger, what would matter to me most would be bride to be’s, followed by suppliers.  I understand that suppliers need to have some priority due to advertising, but if brides stop reading your blog, surely that’s no good to advertisers either?

As a bride to be what I want to see is real weddings, don’t they say variety is the spice of life? How can you use blogs for inspiration if they all look the same?

There are also things called manners. If my job was to be a blogger then I would think I need to be professional, I wouldn’t have slanging matches all over my blog and twitter and encourage others to bully those that don’t agree with me. I have seen it so many times and it makes me feel sick that bullying is alive and well within the wedding industry. I haveeven  seen one blogger, who I once respected, take a picture of someone on the street and tweet it to mock that person. The person that should be being mocked in that situation is the tweeter herself!
I have to say that blogs aren’t alone on this. I have seen a well known wedding magazine sending abusive tweets to a blogger and then saw them get deleted before other people could see them. I have also crossed suppliers off my ‘maybe’ list due to their true colours coming out on Twitter.

Let’s face it the wedding industry is massive and as human beings we all have our own opinions and views on what is or isn’t acceptable. But as a bride to be, I think my view, and others like me, should count. Business works on listening to your customers, so don’t get too comfortable folks, you may turn around to find no customers standing behind you!

Want some advice on how to make your blog or wedding business succeed on Twitter???


It really is that simple! All of ours suppliers booked for our wedding day were all picked because of their talent and the ability to be nice! If you don't think you can manage to be proffessional and be nice then why not have a private account instead?

Please don't get me wrong, there are so many fantastic people, blogs, magazines around!

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And my favourite: Never Stick Your Head Up Your Chuff And Get Too Big For Your Designer Boots As Your Punters Will Think You're A Twonk And So Will People Who Advertise With You

I think we need a 'BE NICE' badge made up for all of those people who aim to be nice! Who wants to make one?


  1. Well said! I have stopped following a certain well known blogger because quite frankly, they couldn't give a shit about brides to be and just kiss asses up to suppliers the whole time to make more money. BORING!!

  2. I completely agree. I think i know who you are talking about too. It's gone from being all about the alternative view, to being all about the blogger and her life and it's not nice any more. It's got just as catty as the so called 'industry' that it claims to be an alternative to - maybe even more so, because there's an element of people being on their high horse about how brilliantly leftfield they are. Just fake wedding shoots with the blogger as a model, left, right and centre.

  3. So very true.

    The bitchiness and one-upmanship is crazy. Fair play to perhaps the person in question. They have worked mighty hard. However, remember your roots is applicable in more ways than one? (Although bang I go with the bitchiness. It's infectious I tell you!)

    Real weddings are what's important. Well real weddings and a little thinking.

    (P.S. I am hoping to try and change it with a new blog - soon. Maybe?! Ack it's hard!)

  4. Well said i feel like this a lot of twitter and because of it i have unfollowed them. The only wedding blogs i like to read are the ones written by brides to be about their personal journeys as those are the ones that you learn more from.