Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My biggest planning day yet!

Most of you have probably seen from my recent tweets that we have been busy recently and as a result have made a lot of progress with our wedding planning! Yesterday was an amazing day and four things got sorted!



I haven't yet typed that without putting it in capitals yet. This is something I will write a lot more about later but for now I can tell you that I went to the fantastic 'Daisy Love Bridal'  in Datchet which has a whole shop full of gorgeous wedding dresses!

As I have such a long time til the wedding I have to go back in November to get measured up and then my dress should arrive in April! 


We booked our wedding photographer! We were lucky to meet with some lovely wedding photographers and there are so many talented people out there. However we are completely sure of our choice and we can't wait to be snapped by this lady! Lisa Brown will be our photographer! We love Lisa's  passion, enthusiasm and style!



After asking a few permissions, and the man himself, my brother has agreed to walk me down the aisle, alongside my step dad. This means three of us will be walking down together. I know I am very greedy! We made a deal that he doesn't have to do a speech but I would think it's worth it to travel in Pushka (the camper)!


The OH decided he would like another usher, and one of his lovely friends said yes! He now has three best men and two ushers!

I am still having to pinch myself and realise that our wedding is May 2012 but at least getting lots of big things sorted so early means I can relax and get creative with other aspects of the day!