Monday, 2 January 2012

For Your Eyes Only

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to win a fantastic prize from the great site that is Weddings In Surrey that is run by the lovely Pamela. I won a shoot with FYEO Portraits, and I can't tell you how excited I was to have won, but I was also extremely nervous! Being a woman with a lot more curves than usual made me worry about getting into some underwear infront of others and having photos taken. I put it off for as long as I could and came close to not going but I pushed myself to go and experience my prize.

The FYEO Portraits website gives you a members area as soon as you are booked in and their is a helpful area of 'what to bring'. I picked a few different sets of underwear, a long silk robe, a black feather fan and one of Rob's shirts. So off I went on a October Thursday morning to their High Wycombe studio, which is gorgeous in itself! I was greeted with a coffee whilst I waited for my shoot, and also tried to calm myself down! I opted for a couple of extras that were available to me so that I made the most of the shoot. I was whisked down to make up for a camera worthy look and then shown into the room where I was having my shoot.

The room is dark, maybe not as dark as I thought, but comfortable enough. My lovely photographer, Gemma, came and greeted me and suggested what outfit to get started with. So once I was all sorted we began!

Gemma warned me that the poses feel quite odd, and I can honestly say it's quite a workout! Every shot was in a different pose or position and because I was concentrating on them, my nerves just vanished. Also, Gemma was one of the loveliest people I've ever met. Her constant encouragement and great sense of humour is just what a woman like me needed to relax and enjoy.

When the shoot was over I was buzzing (and aching) and I just couldn't wait to see my pictures. I did get nervous that I would be disappointed, however at 5.15pm the next day I missed a call from Gemma and recieved an email to say that my pictures were ready!

I am very happy with my pictures, and as Rob recieved an album of the images for his Christmas present, I think he is pretty happy with them too! I've lost over 4 stone since my photos were taken but I can still look at them and be proud of my body.

Heres a little peek....