Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fingerprint Guestbooks!

RESERVED (for pamjwu) MEDIUM guest book fingerprint balloon tandem bike (with 7 ink pads)
Bluedetoi at Etsy

This week we purchased our guestbook, it wasn't planned or on my to do list, but I was taking a wander through Offbeat Bride and found something right.

I fell in love with the idea of our guests leaving their fingerprint to create something that would look great on our wall after the wedding day. I didn't think it would be my grooms first choice so I just tweeted it! Turns out my groom loved the idea! We did have a chat about how we wouldn't have anywhere for guests to leave messages, but that's what cards are for right?

We also found another idea that we loved...

How amazing is this idea? Your guests can leave their fingerprint and make it a little person! Ok, we loved it! However having something for our wall was important.

Then I was lucky enough to find a great UK supplier of fingerprint guestbook trees. Claire from Fingerprint Tree was so helpful with my questions and extra requests, and all at 9pm!

This is what we have chosen for our guest book. We have requested some extra inks so we can have our own style and we can't wait to see the finished look at the end of our wedding day.


  1. I am having one of these instead of a guest book too! I thought people handmade them though - I didn't know you could buy a kit so this will save me loads of time (my crafty skills are so limited I can't even draw a naked tree). I'm really tempted by the thumbprint people book now too. Thanks for the heads up about the kits - that's made my day :D

  2. Hi there, I'm new to your blog and I am already so excited by what I'm seeing! This is a fantastic idea!! The first one with the bike is so 'Up!' (the Pixar Film with the balloons and the house?!!). I love it! I've sent an email to my betrothed about it :)

    Such a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing.