Monday, 13 December 2010

Vintage Inspired Brooch & Crystal Bouquets

It was in the middle of a wedding fair when a florist showed me my first brooch bouquet and I fell in love! However since the fair, the florist has disappeared and I can't seem to get hold of them. So after many google searches to find someone affordable who was able to make these lovely pieces of art, I found my saviour! 

Natalie from L.O.V.E Bouquets started making her own crystal and brooch bouquets for her own wedding last June, and with an art degree on her side it looks like Natalie is already an expert! The picture above is a perfect bridal bouquet for a winter wedding!

But it's not only the bride that can have something special. This flower girl wand is gorgeous! Something that a young flower girl will enjoy carrying around and not want to put down!

 And Natalie also makes buttonholes, like this one.

So for now I don't know what my choice will be! At the moment my idea is to have a floral bouquet for me with some brooch elements and to give my love bridesmaids a brooch and crystal bouquet. I love the idea of giving this as their gift, as I know it it something both of my ladies will enjoy keeping and treasuring!

Find Natalie at and on Twitter as @lovebouquets.

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  1. oooo my first blog post..thank you for your kind words what a wonderful blog. xxxxx