Monday, 5 December 2011

Do It Yourself : Wedding Bags

I wanted to share with you something I have done for my bridesmaids and let you know how I did it so that you can make your very own! Nice aren't I?

I have made my bridesmaids (and myself) their very own personalised canvas bag. It doesn't cost the earth but it's a nice little touch. My girls have been given theirs so that they can store their sparkly shoes in them, but I imagine in the run up to the wedding they will get plenty of use!

How to:
- You will need to purchase canvas bags of your colour choice, and some iron on transfer paper. I found mine on Ebay.
- Next you need to get on your computer and open up Word, or something more fancy if you are a mac user! You can add whatever words and pictures you like. I added the name of the bridesmaid, their wedding title and the date of the wedding. I think that covers most bases. I also made them in our wedding colours.
- Next you need to print out onto your transfer paper. Make sure you read the instructions and you may need to alter your printer settings.
- Next iron on your design and you are all done! How quick was that?!

Why not give it a go?


  1. What a fantastic idea. It's a nice little touch and something for them to remember your wedding by. I love it.

  2. Why don't you show some designs of bridal purses in your blogs.